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Introducing Trainer Daniel

Lectric Driving Lessons


We strive to go above and beyond the expected safety minimum and ensure all our students are fully equipped with the knowledge to drive safely and responsibly.

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Meet Daniel, a seasoned professional with over thirty years of experience in teaching commercial cookery, initially as a Head Chef in Australia and Japan. His diverse background adds a unique touch to his teaching style. Transitioning into a respectful driving instructor, Daniel brings a wealth of knowledge and a friendly, professional approach to his role.

Fluent in both English and Greek, with a solid understanding of Japanese, Daniel’s linguistic skills enhance his ability to connect with a diverse range of students. His exceptional communication skills shine through as he works seamlessly with individuals of all ages and backgrounds, providing a patient and knowledgeable approach to driving instruction.

Daniel’s focus is on ensuring you feel comfortable and confident behind the wheel. He offers excellent step-by-step guidance, covering maneuvers, defensive driving, and hazard awareness. With pride in his students, Daniel imparts exquisite knowledge to prepare them for practical driving tests, consistently achieving excellent results. Join Daniel on your journey to becoming a skilled and confident driver.



I found Daniel to be an excellent driving instructor.

His guidance was always easy to understand and insightful. I felt like he gave the detail a lot of attention without ever losing sight of the big picture. His calm and gentle manner and sense of humour made me feel confident that I was in good hands. I would highly recommend Daniel.


After many lessons and still failing my P's test using another local driver trainer company (very disappointing). I was told through a friend about Lectric Driver Training Group and I called and explained my situation to Jim. After speaking with him he was able to give me the reassurance I needed to give it another go and I am SOOOO happy I did. I really enjoyed my lessons with Daniel and he was able to identify and rectify where I was lacking and focussed on ways of me getting it right. Daniel gave me the confidence I needed to get me through and I actually passed with a score of 110!!! THANK YOU SOOO MUCH DANIEL & the team at Lectric Driver Training. Wish I came to your first up. Clearly couldn't have done it without you. Highly recommend.


We strive to go above and beyond the expected safety minimum and ensure all our students are fully equipped with the knowledge to drive safely and responsibly. We don’t believe in ‘simply passing,’ and wish to offer driving lessons for all situations that happen on our busy roads. Our lessons include defensive driving in real-world scenarios, where they are more likely to be remembered and utilized. It’s one thing to be taught how to be safe on the roads yourself, but it’s a completely different matter to learn how to drive with other unsafe drivers.

Experienced Instructors

Our processes are built upon safe driving, anticipating dangers and recognising hazards, empowering our learner drivers. Our Instructors are trained to bring unique skills to our training programmes which focus on road safety as well as nurturing self-esteem and confidence.

Driving Lessons

Lectric Driver Training is open 7 days a week! We offer day, night and weekend lessons. Our lessons are tailored towards individual learner needs and our aim is to provide drivers (whether they are new, international or refresher) to be safe, confident and proficient drivers.

Test Preparation

Lectric Trainers help each learner driver to achieve their goal. The practical, on-road test is the final step to progress from a learner licence to a provisional P1 licence. A driving test can be booked once you have enough driving experience and have passed the Hazard Perception Test


Whether you’re a first time teen or adult learner or need to renew an expired license, we can help you get on the road!

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